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A main triangle-of-life defender started his work in the midst of the epic 1985 quake. It was inside that unfathomable rubble, he continued finding that the schoolchildren who had plunged under their work areas were still smashed to death, yet that the children who had nestled into the floor between works areas survived, on account of the falling tonnage above them being padded by the work areas.

From that point forward, demands that he's seen much the same thing play out in every one of the tremors that he and his group have hurried to, be it in the First or Third World. Numerous calamity specialists call that an unnecessary if not unreliable position — particularly since triangle of life, regardless of any pockets of survivability in caved in structures, can even now open individuals to savage falling flotsam and jetsam.

Government departments like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and major non-legislative organizations 2004 Red Cross report called Coop's sweeping statements "improper and misdirecting