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This will be the first level of administration. Customers will get an on location conference which will tailor their prerequisites for a customized Earthquake Supply Kit (ESK @). The conference will incorporate the customer's crisis prerequisites and needs taking after which proposals and recommendations for a customized seismic tremor survival pack for home, family and pets will be attracted up to concurred and affirmed details.

You will get an itemized report of the things prescribed for your survival pack, including the best place of where and how to store them. An arrangement of a sheltered spot, where to meet other relatives after a seismic tremor, together with crisis contact numbers for you to keep.

This will be the third level of administration. A database of customer's items and date of conveyance, termination dates of substance will be kept. In great time before expiry the customer will be educated with respect to the up and coming expiry and a requesting letter will be sent for recharging prerequisite administrations.