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A seismic tremor is a sudden, quick shaking of the earth brought on by the breaking and moving of rock underneath the world's surface. Tremors strike all of a sudden, abruptly, and they can happen whenever of the year, day or night.

Forty-five states and regions in the United States are at moderate to high danger of seismic tremors, and they are situated in every locale of the nation. Figure out how to plan for a seismic tremor with the accompanying wellbeing tips gave by the American Red Cross. Contact your nearby crisis administration office, neighborhood American Red Cross, state land review or branch of normal assets for particular data about your group's danger. In any case, remember:

• Manufactured homes and homes not appended to their establishments are at specific danger amid a seismic tremor.

• Structures with establishments laying on landfill and other flimsy soils are at expanded danger of harm.